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What is Skinade?

Skinade is the only liquid food supplement recommended by aesthetic doctors, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. It contains a unique blend of hydrolysed marine collagen, calcium ascorbate, MSM, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, organic flax seed and l-lysine. These active ingredients are essential for your skin's hydration, radiance, elasticity and to increase the production of collagen in your skin.


How does skinade work?

Collagen plays a vital role in the appearance of your skin and helps to preserve its firmness, elasticity and youthful appearance. Skinade is precisely formulated to be easily absorbed by your body and stimulate your body to produce new collagen.

How can I start my skinade journey?

Dr.Christine is an approved skinade stockist. A skinade course can be ordered to be posted to your home. Please email to place your order and drink your way to healthier, better and younger-looking skin or simply purchase online through the shop.

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